A whirlwind of a week

This Monday, I had the pleasure of attending the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. marade in Denver. It was amazing to see such diversity represented from across Colorado and the metropolitan area. Tuesday got off to a slow start, but by the end of the day, I had been fully trained in the art of the COW. This has nothing to do with livestock. It stands for Committee of the Whole and will eventually allow me to chair House Floor Work. On Wednesday, I ran the committee-equivalent of a marathon. We started on time at 1:30 pm in Health & Insurance and adjourned around 9:30 pm. On Thursday, we battled snow again, but in spite of the weather and a late night on Wednesday, I made it to the 7:30am Joint Technology Committee in time to enjoy a great discussion with the Office of Information Technology Executive Team about the financial health and future of state-run IT systems.

Brianna Titone