This week I was sworn in as the State Representative from House District 27. It is an honor to serve in the 72nd General Assembly in the Colorado State House of Representatives. Many of you know me but, in spite of having walked my entire district, there are many of you I have not had the opportunity to meet.  So, I'll just go ahead and lay it out there. I didn't run to be the representative for some people in my district, I ran to be the representative for all of the people in my district. My commitment to you is that, no matter what my final decision may be on an issue, I will do my utmost to take into account your perspectives and work to find constructive solutions to the challenges we face as a state and community. I am your host, but I am also an employee and guest in your house - The People's House. As your representative, I will always conduct our affairs with respect for each of you as citizens. May I always be the first to greet you and may we never part in anger. Welcome home and thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Brianna Titone