March 19, 2018 Newsletter

Time flies when you're busy hitting the campaign trail.


It's already March - nearly four months after Brianna launched her campaign, she is busier than ever engaging with the community, talking to voters, and delving deep into the issues. 

March is also an important milestone for another reason: it's the weeks-long celebration of Women's History Month and the home to International Women's Day. As a month centered on women's empowerment, Brianna embodies the values that it has come to represent: empowered women, strong women, and resilient women.

Brianna was inspired to be part of the solution after attending to Women's March in January 2017. And guess what: her decision to raise her voice is paying off


Jefferson County Democratic Assembly


At County assembly, Brianna was unanimously voted by her house district delegates to put her unopposed on the primary ballot! This is the first milestone toward the final election in November! 

Colorado Politics reported on Brianna’s successful advocacy to
push Wheat Ridge to pass a resolution opposing conversation therapy for minors. On the victory, Brianna said:

"When three years of the same strategy of putting the bill before the state Senate has failed, I knew there was a need to do something different. I proposed the idea to the Jefferson County Democrats LGBTQ-plus Caucus to pursue obtaining municipal bans on this practice to prove to the Senate committee that the will of the people shows the desire to ban this practice.Wheat Ridge not only enacted a Resolution opposing conversion therapy, but also stated public support on the state bill to pass. It is important that the people of Colorado know that this dangerous practice is happening in our state and follow the lead of 10 states and Washington, DC that have similar bans in addition to dozens of cities across America. We are very proud of the three cities, so far, that are standing up to protect our youth."

Colorado Politics also reported on Brianna’s historic candidacyTitone is seeking to become first openly transgender member of the Colorado General Assembly. She is the only Democrat in the race to take on incumbent Republican Rep. Lang Sias of Arvada.” 

Did You Miss Brianna’s Speech to the Stonewall Dems? Watch it here to find out more about Brianna and how she got the bug to want to do good for her community:

Recent Endorsements

  • CO Representative and Speaker Pro Tem, Jessie Danielson
  • Colorado Stonewall Dems
  • Former HD27 Representative Sarah Gagliardi

What's next? 

As election day crawls closer, Brianna needs your help more now than ever! Join her by:

  • Volunteering: Help knock on some doors, write postcards, talk to neighbors, or host a House Party!

  • Donating: Grassroots candidacy requires the fervent commitment of grassroots supporters. Contribute to Brianna’s campaign to help sustain her momentum all the way to November. This is the most important thing to help her campaign right now.

  • Amplifying her Messages on Social Media: Follow Brianna’s campaign on Twitter and like her on Facebook. For extra impact, be sure to share her posts!

Brianna will keep fighting for intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion in Colorado - and hopes that you will join her.

Mel Choyce