April 12, 2018 Newsletter

Friends and Supporters, 

As we’ve turned the corner into April and into the fifth month of my campaign, I have more momentum than ever to cross that finish line in November to the Colorado House.
This campaign has allowed me to dig into the issues that are truly affecting the residents of HD27 and to understand how – together – we can make Colorado more committed to the issues of intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion.
I’ve seen firsthand the negative impact that inaccessible housing has on our community. I’ve heard stories about how our underfunded education system and under-resourced teachers are failing our students. I’ve personally been in the Capitol already, fighting against discriminatory laws such as onerous birth certificate requirements for the transgender community and the horrific practice of conversion therapy.

My Recent Political Actions at the Capitol

I testified against the horrible HB18-1206, "Live and Let Live" bill that would allow blatant discrimination against people using 'religious freedom' as the reason. 

I testified for HB18-1046, "The Birth Certificate Modernization Act" which would ease the requirements for transgender people to get their birth certificate changed in Colorado. This is the fourth time this bill has come up and the fourth time the Republicans have killed this bill. It's shameful. 

I testified for HB18-1245, "Prohibit Conversion Therapy Mental Health Provider" which would ban conversion therapy from being used on minors by licensed therapists. This is the fourth time this bill has come up and the fourth time the Republicans have killed this bill.  


I testified for HB-1273, the "Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government Overreach" bill. This is intent on protecting people in Colorado from Federal discrimination, singling out, or internment. This bill passed the committee.


I will be testifying for HB18-1312, "Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado" because I believe in protecting Net Neutrality. As you may know, I am finishing my degree in Information Communication Technology at DU, so this is something I know a bit about. This bill passed through committee. 

Tonight, we, the JeffCo Dems LGBTQ+ caucus, will be in Golden to convince them to adopt a proclamation against conversion therapy. This will be the 4th city to ban oppose this practice! Come at 6:30 to the city council meeting if you can! 

These are just some of the issues that I will tackle first as your next representative. Since I’ve kicked off my campaign, I’ve pledged to raise my voice to stand up for you.Did you know I'm still working a full-time job? It's a lot of work!  The majority of my campaign I have done myself with some help. I now have a dedicated campaign manager that will help me kick it up another notch and recruit the volunteer base that will kick the campaign into high gear.

If all of this sounds like what you want in a representative, I need your vote in November. But I need you for the next eight months, too.
Here are a few ways that you can get involved to make sure that I can walk into that Capitol to represent you on November 9:

  • Endorse Me: Your words are powerful. If you believe in my vision for a more intersectional, diverse and inclusive Colorado – and in my plan of how to get there – tell our community why. Share your endorsement on social media or send email them to briannaforcolorado@gmail.com so that I can share with my networks.   
  • Volunteer: Every campaign needs people power. Help me share my message by knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing post cards – or more!  We will be walking doors coming soon. (Reply to my email to sign up) 
  • Donate: My opponent has corporate money behind him. I’m optimistic that the power of grassroots dollars can push me to the finish line, but I can’t do it without your support. Every dollar counts towards making a more progressive Colorado a reality. Even a small amount makes a big difference. The quarterly deadline is approaching. I need your contributions MORE THAN EVER!

I couldn’t have made it this far without you – together, let’s take these next few months to the next level. Thank you all so much! Continue to support me and I will win for all of us!

Mel Choyce