While the Trump administration backtracks, Colorado is plowing forward on transgender rights

The federal government in recent months has banned transgender people from joining the military and made plans to roll back protections that could lead to insurance companies and doctors refusing to provide them health care.

Colorado, meanwhile, is heading the opposite direction.

Just within 2019, the state approved an “X” marker on driver’s licenses in addition to the standard “M” and “F,” made it markedly easier for transgender people to change the gender on their birth certificates and stepped into a federal court case to support nonbinary markers on passports.

Plus, the state Division of Insurance added a new regulation to the books that makes it against the law for an insurance company in Colorado to deny coverage for transgender care deemed medically necessary by a doctor, including hormones and surgeries. The requirement, put in place by the insurance division last month with little public attention, is the exact opposite of plans in the works by the Trump administration.

Brianna Titone