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Brianna Titone for Colorado HD27


Important Dates

Last day to request mail in Ballot (October 29)

Election Day is Nov. 6 (return ballots before 7pm)

Track your ballot here:

We have been talking with the voters in the months leading up to the election. With this new information, I have been coming up with policies to help the voters. I still want to hear from you! Please reach out and tell me your ideas! Here are some of the ideas so far:

Brianna’s Qualifications:

  • 15 years as a Professional Geologist consultant

  • Small business owner

  • HOA President and board member for 7 years

  • Degrees in BA: Geology, BS: Physics, MS: Geochemistry, and MS: Information Communication Technology

  • Lifelong volunteer starting at 16 as a volunteer firefighter (7 years total)

  • History of working people of different cultures, languages, and personalities to get work done

Brianna Supports:


“I am supporting Brianna because she is dedicated to fighting for our community. She is a hard worker and will get the job done. She truly cares about the people in our community—she'll be there to listen, respond and work to make this an even better Colorado.

Jessie Danielson

CO HD-24 Represenative