You look pretty young. How old are you?

I turned 40 in February. I have been blessed with a youthful appearance, but I bring many years of experience to the table including 15 years as a registered professional geologist and the following degrees: BS Geology, BA Physics, MS Geochemistry (Stony Brook), and MS Software (DU). 

Why did you decide to run?

I'm running because I have always cared about my community. I have been a volunteer in my community since age 16 when I joined the volunteer fire department. I have been the HOA President of my community for 5 years and on the board for 7. I also volunteer for NecroSearch International. We have a representative government and that means representing the people. I believe that the ideas, experiences, and stories of the people are important to helping solve problems in government. I want to be available and work together with all Coloradans to find our common goals and come up with solutions that work best for the State. 

I've heard that you are transgender. Why is that important?

Bringing people from all marginalized groups is important to get perspectives from all people. As a Geologist, I understand looking at the "big picture" and not getting lost in the details. A candidate is qualified to serve if they understand the issues of their constituents, cares about the voters, and wants to do the public good. A candidate's identity doesn't play a role in how they will lead, but it does help people understand that we are all human beings with the desire to work to make our communities a better place for all. 

I’m not a democrat, why should I vote for you?



Up until 2010, I wasn't either and I understand your reasoning to be an unaffiliated voter, or a Republican. The facts are that we all have the same goals; to make a better future for Colorado. We may have different ways of getting there, but we need to trust that the leaders we have will work to achieve that. I will always entertain constructive conversations about issues to listen and understand your points of view.

I have a lifelong commitment to my community and as a geological consultant I learned  first hand how to work together with people to accomplish things.  You want a representative that will listen, be available, and work with the people AND the legislature to accomplish these goals. I am that person.