Here are SOME OF The issues Brianna is passionate about and will fight for



As a geologist having worked in the environmental field, I am passionate about this issue. I live and work in Colorado because I love the open space and want to preserve it. Being stewards of our environment is good for the Colorado economy. We need to balance non-renewable and renewable resources until we can reach 100% renewable energy. I want to work on new water conservation efforts for the future. 



It is important that our roads, infrastructure, and public transportation are designed, built, and maintained with growth in mind. As Colorado continues to grow, we need to be smart in how we plan new transportation. I support this ballot initiative to fund transportation because it will be funded in part by visitors to Colorado who also use our roads.



Competitive teacher wages are dismally low in Colorado. Our students and teachers deserve a lot better. One is not required to have children to know that education is vital to the success and prosperity of our state. We need to stop the downward sprial of our public schools. Our teachers deserve to be paid fairly! Teachers don't need to carry guns in classrooms.


Attainable Housing and Wages

The citizens of Colorado need livable wages. We need jobs that will allow us to afford a safe place to raise a family. Along with that, we need housing that is affordable to their wage. We need to find a balance that works for workers and businesses so everyone can thrive. We need to work with municipalities to provide places for affordable housing to be built.


Healthcare / Opioid Crisis

Healthcare expenses continue to burden many people who are underinsured or can't afford what they have. Compounding the problem is the opioid epidemic. People affected need local places to get help. More importantly, we need to stop the flow and abuseof these drugs which are often legal prescriptions. Healthcare should be a right for everyone, not a privilege for the few and we should work toward a single payer system.


LGBTQ+ Rights

The one thing we all have in common is that we are all Human beings. We need to acccept all people into our communities regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. Discrimination based on LGBTQ+ status is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. We should strive to be humans, and not judge each other based on our appearance or those we love.



TABOR rules have handcuffed growth and distribution of much needed money for education, infrastructure, and other projects. We need to review and repeal this amendment and replace it with language that affords legislators the power to govern responsibly. After 25 years, no other state has such a law because they have seen the repurcussions it has caused.



When our soldiers come home from deployment, they sometimes have special needs. We need to be sure to give them what they are entitled to. We need to be able to better place soldiers in civilian jobs that can utilize their military training including career transition programs to help them get certifications and licenses.


Law Enforcement

We need our law enforcement officers to have the best training to be able to handle the difficult situations where de-escalation is often the best tactic. We need to reform the system so that the citizens and the people charged to protect them are safe from unnecessary harm.


Social Equality/Women's Rights

There are still marginalized groups that need protection from draconian policies. We must not forget that women got the right to vote less than a mere century ago. We must work toward pay equality and fight blatant discriminatory practices for women and minorities.


Labor Unions

I believe in a worker’s right to organize, collectively bargain, negotiate wages, safer working conditions, and fair sick leave and family leave. So called ‘Right to Work’ laws take away the power of Unions to promote the values that unions strive to strengthen, and I will vote against any such bill. Union workers' collective voices help to increase average wages across America and play an important role in our Colorado economy.


Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are important for gender equality and human rights. Affordable access to birth control, health care, and abortions should not be denied to anyone. Family leave is important to families with new children and should be available without discrimination or risk of being fired.

Net Neutrality.png

Net Neutrality

The internet needs to be treated like a public utility. Allowing ISPs to favor internet connectivity speed doesn't allow a fair platform for all businesses. This can also lead to censorship and blocking of data which would be unconstitutional.


Firearm Safety

We have an epidemic of gun violence in this country. We need to respect the Second Amendment while still promoting and encouraging ways to prevent unnecessary death due to guns. There needs to be more research and data to find the best ways to combat this problem. We need to come together to discuss a reasonable solution. I am a gun owner and concealed carry permit holder and I believe we need to have serious conversations about safety.



The homeless problem in Colorado continues to get worse. We need to identify the leading causes of homelessness and work on solutions that work to prevent it and assist people to get back on their feet.


Campaign Finance Reform

Even with our strict campaign finance rules, it still favors wealthy candidates and those with connections with special interests. The 'soft money' aspect is an area with little restriction which allows these special interests from outside CO to play in our politics. We need a solution to keep these interests out.


Business and Tax Law

Businesses, especially small businesses, need to have a simpler tax system. I am a small business owner so I can relate to small business needs. Colorado's economy is strong but we need to get more businesses into Colorado to create more jobs. Despite the low unemployment, many people are working two jobs or not in the job they want. We also need to ensure that there are workforce development programs available for businesses to hire people from Colorado.